Heirloom Jewellery Boxes

Yanni Rigos Wood Alchemy is proud to release its new exclusive range of boxes, the Heirloom Range:

  • Unique one-off pieces, individually handcrafted by wood artist Yanni Rigos
  • Features extremely rare wood and burls from the ancient forests of Australia and around the world
  • A valuable heirloom that will only increase in value over time
  • Wood salvaged through licensed collectors
  • The inside is lined with triple black velvet and includes a removable tray with ring slots

The woods used evoke a sense of connection to nature and time, and speak of the beauty and majesty of lost worlds. The burls, which are the highlight of the boxes, are like paintings, capturing time and place as the trees grow and mature.

With the felling of forests to feed the growing timber industry, these woods are becoming more and more rare and difficult to source. By using salvaged woods through licensed collectors, we are giving the wood a second life, ensuring the forests from which they came will not be forgotten.

Through using these magnificent woods at Wood Alchemy we wish to honour and share the energy of these great trees. May this help to create the respect and reverence needed to protect and restore our great forests to their former glory.

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