The making of my jewellery boxes

Rare Australian Woods

Yanni’s jewellery boxes are handcrafted from native and often very rare Australian woods.  The sides of each box are made of solid Redgum sourced from along the Murray River on the border of Victoria and New South Wales.  The lids are made from rare and highly figured burls, which are sourced from all over Australia.

Click here to view the woods that I use.


The lids are of two types of construction: solid burl, or veneered with an edge of solid Redgum.  Some of these woods come in veneers because of their rarity.  Yanni also cuts his own veneers for the same reason.  You can choose to have a brass inlay or brass and ebonized inlay incorporated around the veneered burl if you desire.


All large boxes as well as some of the smaller boxes are lined with black double velvet to the inside base, while the smaller range of boxes are lined with black felt.


The lids are attached with a secret pin, giving the box a unique and clean look.


The large jewelry box range (9 cm high) has a removable tray, with compartment below.  The tray is divided into two sections, one section with ring slots, the other section open for small jewellery pieces.  All these are lined with black double velvet.


Dome Boxes

The dome boxes come in varying sizes depending on how the burl is cut.  Each one of these boxes is a unique one-off piece.  The dome lid is formed by cutting the burl on a large bandsaw, then finely sanded using specialized sanders.


The boxes are finished with a Swedish, environmentally friendly lacquer.