All jewellery boxes are crafted from River Red Gum. The timbers in the lids are made from a variety of Australian native species, some of which are highly figured and quite rare:

Myrtle Burl
Tasmanian Fiddleback Blackwood
Victorian River Redgum
Tasmanian Tiger Myrtle
Eucalypt Burl

Burls can be found on many species of trees. They are irregular growths protruding from the trunk, and can vary greatly in shape and size. It is believed they are caused by parasites or insects which irritate the tree, causing this strange growth to develop, similar to how a pearl is created in an oyster. In the past, burls were discarded as waste, but they are now highly sought after for their exquisite grain and beauty. The large variety of burls used in the lids of our boxes makes each of them a unique and one-off piece.

Another unique facet of the woods we use is a process called spalting. This is when moisture enters some types of wood and reacts with it, creating a rare lined or marbled effect as if an artist had painted a picture on it. Such wood is very rare and we are very excited when we are able to incorporate it into the lids of our boxes or into our creative pieces.