Myrtle Burl

Myrtle (Nothofagus Cunninghamii) belongs to the same family as the beech tree of Europe, and is sometimes called Myrtle Beech or Australian Cherry.  It grows in the wet forests across Tasmania and requires moist and sheltered conditions.  Myrtle is highly valued for its rich colors of red, brown, orange and pink, which combine to form a warm, delicate and almost feminine appearance to the wood.  These exquisite colors are generated by the interaction of the highly fertile soil with the basalt rock beneath.


Because of the badly managed forestry practices in Tasmania, this magnificent tree is being clear felled and woodchipped.  We manage to obtain these rare burls from specially licensed wood collectors in Tasmania, who go in after a forest has been decimated, and bring out as much of the discarded timber before it is piled up and burnt.  Myrtle cannot be regrown easily, as it needs an incredibly unique environmental balance before it can grow. Myrtle burl is one of the types of wood where spalting can occasionally occur.